Three species of jackals roam sub-Saharan Africa, southeast Asia and southeast Europe. The tawny golden jackal prowls in the open, grassy plains; black-backed jackals with signature darkish stripes down their spines inhabit the savanna from Sudan to South Africa; the side-striped species prefers to prowl near water sources in dense­ vegetation [supply: African Wildlife Fund]. Although some grownup jackals lead solitary lives, males and females can also mate for life. Jackal packs follow a looser hierarchy than the rigid ­wolf pack group; they’re normally made up of a mating pair, their offspring and, in larger packs, nonbreeding adults.

Grizzly bears prefer mountain forest, tundra and coastal habitats. They’re typically discovered feeding at salmon breeding areas. They’re omnivores and will eat absolutely anything — plants, insects, fish, useless animals, hoofed animals and sometimes livestock. Around November or December, bears go right into a dormancy interval in their dens. However they don’t go into complete hibernation and will sometimes emerge to forage for food.

Earlier than introducing your youngster to any pet, be sure that she understands methods to properly handle an animal. Small youngsters are inclined to seize at tails and ears, caccia so teach your baby to avoid pulling on any cat’s extremities. Never encourage a cat to swat at your palms, ft or other components of your body, and present your baby how you can goal prey-simulating toys away from herself to keep away from getting pounced on.

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