It also acts as a perfect gift for a special someone on big occasions. Your life partner is bound to be very grateful for the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the ride. The British luxurious Rolls Royce was established in 1904. Ever since Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. built the first Rolls Royce, their talented technicians and designers started finding new ways to develop their methods with every car. All their models are unique due to the essentially infinite optional extras, upgrades, and customizations involved in every model. Rolls Royce Rental Dubai is also known for creating hand-crafted cars that ensure a seamless luxurious ride for whoever gets behind its wheel.

If you live in the UAE and have a work or residential visa, you need to present your UAE driving license when you request to book a Rolls Royce Phantom. Also note that passport holders of UK, Canada, GCC and some other countries can use their original driving license for a Rolls Royce with us. This is the first all-terrain SUV introduced by Rolls Royce.

Corporate And Business Services

With the self-adjusting suspension, your comfort is not compromised even as the car changes balance during road curves and corners. Daily hire of the Rolls Royce gives you a mileage limit of 250 kilometres after which you would be charged extra for every additional kilometre you drive. The security deposit is also higher compared to the hourly security deposit. Rolls Royce rental Dubai comes with a charge of AED 1000 for the first forty 40km you drive and AED 500 for every additional 40km mileage. This means if in one hour you reach 80 kilometres, you would be required to pay AED 1500 automatically.

  • We are passionate about ceaselessly delivering something special to our esteemed clients.
  • It is your vacation; you want the best fine things like the Rolls Royce but that doesn’t warrant you to be exploited and pay unreasonable high prices.
  • Limited to just 800 pieces, the SVJ Roadster is the most iconic model in the Aventador family.
  • This car will make you feel fresh and fabulous during long road trips.
  • Whether you are planning a vacation or a special trip, we can deliver when it comes to a Rolls Royce car rental.
  • You can connect your Android or Apple phone to the car’s infotainment system.
  • All their models are unique due to the essentially infinite optional extras, upgrades, and customizations involved in every model.

The power of Rolls Royce Ghost is 563 hp, maximum speed is 250 km/h. Rolls Royce is one of the most prestigious cars for VIPs, it is a classic of luxury and convenience in the automotive industry. These majestic premium cars always attract everyone’s attention with their unique design and representative appearance. 4- Apply RCU100 to get AED100 OFF on 30 or above days booking.

Azhar Luxury Rental Dubai

The Azhar Luxury is equal to 5 passengers and 2 average bags. Available in red, Black, White, Orange, and Gray by Azhar Luxury Car Rental at their All branch. This 4-door Huracan comes with Push Button Ignition, Rear AC. Premium Audio, Parking Assist, Roof Detachable. Front & Rear Airbags, Adaptive Cruise Control, Parking Sensors, Cooling Seats, Sunroof / Moonroof.

Delicate fabric, comfortable seating, exquisite feeling of holding the steering of a royal Rolls Royce makes this vehicle super special. All high-profile models of this brand such as Wraith, Ghost and Dawn are easily accessible through us. Feel free to contact us if you are willing to rent Rolls Royce in Dubai. Yes, it is worth renting a Rolls Royce especially if you want your vacation to be full of privacy, solitude and tranquillity. Rent a Rolls Royce in Dubai because it gives you safety, comfort, and a high style making you rock the streets and attractions sites. It’s the attention you get from the people nearby that gives you the courage to stop at any destination and the leisure activity you see fit for the time.

Rent Rolls Royce Wraith Gold, 2020 In Dubai

This coupe car looks and feels like a force to be reckoned with. It features an automatic transmission system, a mileage of 6.33, and a top speed of 250 kmph. Its innovative ceiling design gives an impression of being seated directly seated under the stars. It is also equipped with the Illuminated Grille feature that makes the car glow from within.

With a superb executive design and style, it works better for official business meetings. Rolls Royce commands respect from the people around because of its distinguished appearance. If that is inspiration enough for you, book yourself to the drive of your life today. All you need is to fill in the online reservation form or hit the ‘Book Now’ button, and be ready to hit the streets of Dubai in style. Rolls Royce has also stood the sign of royals from so sundry years and it has developed better ever then the new replicas have come to the frontage.