Hi guys, I’m Karen, welcome back to Karen

Kavett Puzzles.

Today I’m going to be trying something a

little bit different for me.

Rather than doing just a straight time lapse

with nice music of this puzzle, instead I’m

going to be doing a full-on review deep dive

into the Canvas puzzle by Cloudberries.

Before I get into it though, I just want to

give a shoutout to jigsawjunkies.com, which

is a blog about jigsaw puzzles and they have

an entire brand comparison page which has

so much information about like every jigsaw

puzzle brand.

And I kind of stole some of the criteria that

I’m going to be judging this puzzle on from


So if you want more Jigsaw puzzle magnetic factory (https://amzdeals.eleoem.com/) puzzle reviews,

I’ll put that link right down below.

I’m not affiliated with them in any way,

it’s just when I found this site, I was

like, this is what I need in my life.

And I, maybe some of you puzzlers will find

it useful as well.

Anyway, today I’m going to be looking at

the Canvas puzzle by Cloudberries.

Cloudberries is a fairly new puzzle brand

based in the UK.

And they did send me this puzzle and all of

their other puzzles that I have by them for

free but this isn’t a sponsored video, um

everything I’m going to say is my honest


First let’s look at the box.

I love how modern and simple the design is.

The front of the box has the entire picture

of what’s on the puzzle without any of it

being covered up or getting cut off.

And then the rest is a really simple gray

background with white text.

And then on the back it’s just a solid gray.

I love that all of their puzzle boxes match

and they’re all the exact same size, and

they’re just a really nice, simple design,

so you could totally have these out on display

and it wouldn’t look messy or cluttered.

The one thing I do wish though is that I wish

one side of the puzzle boxes had a little

thumbnail of what the puzzle looks like.

Because right now all of them are just white

and gray, and so if you have them stacked

here, you just have to kind of know what they

look like, or you have to pull it off the

shelf to look at the front.

Whew, five puzzle boxes are kind of heavy.

Alright, so when you get the puzzle, it is

shrink wrapped, so you just have to cut off

the plastic.

Then inside, the pieces come in a plastic

bag that you have to cut open.

There’s nothing else that comes with it,

no catalogs or posters or anything like that.

The pieces themselves are mounted on a light

blue cardboard.

It’s pretty neutral, not quite as blue as

the Ravensburger puzzles but not just a straight

gray either.

The pieces feel pretty thick and high quality,

and the picture is really well glued onto

the front, so I never had an issue with it

peeling up from the corners or the cardboard

peeling up on the back.

The printing is kind of a satin finish, not

totally glossy, but not totally matte either.

There is quite a bit of puzzle dust that accumulates,

both in the box and on the table as you’re

working on it.

It doesn’t really bother me since I can

just blow it away, but it is a little annoying.

And a few pieces did come put together where

they weren’t completely cut apart, but it

was only a couple and they were easy to just

pull apart as I was sorting out the pieces.

So this puzzle has a lot of fun colors and


I began by sorting the pieces into the completely

white pieces, the colorful pieces, and the


And the sorting took me about 15 minutes.

After that it was time to start working on

the puzzle itself.

This puzzle is 1000 pieces and it measures

about 27 by 19 inches.

And that is the perfect size for me because

not today but sometimes I do puzzles on foamcore

which usually measures 20 inches by 30 inches.

And so this one will fit completely on the

foamcore without any of it hanging over the


You guys know that I love any puzzle with

bright colors and I also like puzzles that

aren’t frustratingly hard.

I just don’t find it fun to be staring at

pieces and not making any progress.

So, I really liked this one because it had

several distinct sections that were easy to

separate and put together so you always felt

like you were moving forward and making good


And the colors are beautifully printed and

saturated, which I love because if I’m going

to be staring at something for three hours,

I want it to be colors that make me happy.

I think this would be a really fun one to

do totally blind by hiding the box and just

figuring out where all of the sections go

as you work on it.

I just couldn’t do that for this video,

because I didn’t want to end up with even

more footage to edit.

So the second hardest part of this puzzle

was this dark section right here, but that’s

also partly because my light was shining directly

on it and I couldn’t look too closely at

it without blocking the shot with my head.

But then absolutely the hardest part of this

puzzle was all of the white pieces at the


There are some sections where it’s slightly

more yellow or it has a little bit of texture,

but you’re going to want to do this part

in really good lighting so you can really

see all of the very subtle color differences.

I ended up resorting to my little trick of

separating out the pieces by shape, which

definitely helped the last 50 pieces or so

go in much more quickly.

All of the pieces are standard puzzle shapes,

and there aren’t any weird ones in there

to have to worry about.

I also did not have a problem in this puzzle

with pieces seeming like they fit where they

didn’t actually go.

That’s an issue I had with their earlier

Mountain puzzle, which is more of a gradient

with less texture.

But that was one of their very first releases

so it seems like they have totally solved

that issue in their later puzzles.

And that’s the puzzle.

As I said, I really loved this one.

I’m sure it is one that I’m going to be

returning to over and over.

Once I finished sorting the pieces, it took

me a little under 3 hours, which is definitely

on the quicker side for a thousand piece puzzle.

But I would definitely say that this is a

very easy puzzle, except for all of the white

sections at the end, everything else is very

distinct and it’s easy to tell where on

the board all of the pieces are going to go.

I realized that I never showed you guys whether

the pieces interlock tightly, so I broke off

a section here.

You can see that as long as you hold it carefully,

you can pick up and move large sections, however

they’re fairly loose, so you wouldn’t

be able to pick up the entire puzzle at once.

If you wanted to hang it up, you would definitely

have to glue it together.

But, it’s not like the pieces just crumble

apart if you try to move a large section.

So since I talk about these a lot, I’ve

had a few of you asking me where to get the

Cloudberries puzzles.

You can see the prices on their website – they’re

about 23 US dollars.

When I plugged in my city though, unfortunately

the shipping came out to be more than the

puzzle itself, which is a crazy price for

a puzzle.

And it was the same price on Amazon, except

for the Gradient Puzzle, which is currently

$25 on Amazon Prime, so you didn’t have

the extra shipping cost.

I didn’t actually realize that the shipping

was gonna be so expensive to the US, so now

I am extra thankful to them for just sending

them to me for free.

I really hope that the puzzles will be available

in the US soon for less of a shipping cost.

If they let me know when that happens, I’ll

definitely tell you guys on Instagram.

If you’re in the UK though, I’m sure the

shipping will probably be a lot less so you

can get them on their website and I’m gonna

have that linked for you right down below.

These puzzles are really beautiful, I’m

so happy that they got in contact with me

when they saw that I am really into jigsaw

puzzles because honestly they’re some of

my favorites right now and I definitely recommend


So, make sure to stay tuned for the longer

cuts of the puzzle time lapse without any

of me jabbering on in the background.

It’ll be much more calm and meditative where

you can see me put the whole thing together

both in a slightly sped up to like an hour

long and also the real time time lapse which

will be like two and a half hours long.

So those will be up very soon.

I’d love to know in a comment right down

below if you guys like this new review format

for a video or if there’s anything else

you want to know about the puzzles that I

didn’t cover.

Or if there are any other puzzle brands that

you especially want me to cover.

The next review is going to be of a Ceaco

puzzle, this really fun rainbow ice cream

one, so stay tuned for that.

And I think that I have chattered on long

enough about jigsaw puzzles.

I’m gonna go, thank you guys so much for

watching and I’ll see you all next time.